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Idan Raichel & Andreas Scholl

How easy it is to break down barriers and how worthwhile it is to lend our ears and senses to the unfamiliar! While Idan Raichel and Andreas Scholl blend centuries, perspectives and styles one with another, the sounds of world music in the best sense of the term ring in our ears.

They are superstars - but their careers could not be more different.

Idan Raichel is a chart-topper both at home in Israel and abroad and is celebrated for his virtuoso rendering of ethno-pop. The voice of the counter-tenor, Andreas Scholl makes him one of the leading artists in the Early Music scene.

In this joint project they now bring together the various dialects of the language of music and beguile us with the magic and versatility of the world of sound. Idan Raichel is famous for his opulent arrangements and wide-ranging band line-ups. He has worked with India Arie, Vieux Farka Toure, has played before the US President, Barack Obama and has set the poetry of Shimon Peres to music. His work with Middle Eastern pop music with shades of the classical and influences from Arabesques in Arab culture and then from African rhythms led to his working with Andreas Scholl.

For the New York Times he is "the most cultivated counter-tenor voice in the world". His repertoire extends from the Middle Ages to the present day and his curiosity has already tempted him to make a club tour through pop-friendly Berlin. Andreas Scholl does not find the separation of erudite and light music a coherent concept in historical terms.

Scholl is able to choose with whom and what he plays. In this project he is, of course, accompanied by his partner, the Israeli pianist and harpsichordist Tamar Halperin. She plays "Wunderkammer" with Michael Wollny with the same virtuosity as when she plays a Bach concert with the Berlin Philharmonic.

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