a nice image of Idan Raichel - Piano Concert & Guests

Idan Raichel - Piano Concert & Guests

IDAN RAICHEL - Piano Concert & Guests

Sometimes, you need to return to the simple things in life.” So muses Idan Raichel when asked about the motivations behind his elemental new album, At the Edge of the Begin­ning. The album, to be released by Cumbancha on January 22nd 2016, represents a turn inward for the global music star; an opportunity to take stock of the past, ponder love, life and family and imagine what will truly be important to him in years to come.

It’s an introspective work, consisting of mostly gentle songs with unassuming melodies and arrangements. “This album has been a way for me to find myself, to come to terms with the fact that I am now part of a close family,” notes Raichel. “I’m not here for just myself anymore; I’m here for my daughters.”

The previous albums of The Idan Raichel Project have been ambitious affairs taking years to produce, with dozens of guest musicians of diverse cultural and geographic origins and featuring a wide array of languages and musical influences. At the Edge of the Beginning was recorded over a period of three months in his parent’s basement. “I chose this place because this is the place where I started, as a child and as a musician. I thought that it was a good place to explore the no­tion of family, to go back to the family home where I felt secure and where things were still very innocent.”

The past dozen years have been a whirlwind for the pianist, songwriter and producer. In 2003, Raichel was catapulted from obscurity to fame when his breakthrough song “Bo’ee,” with its entrancing blend of Ethiopian voices and lush global pop, took radio by storm. Almost overnight, The Idan Raichel Project, a collaboration of over 95 musicians of diverse cultural backgrounds, became a top-selling band and a symbol of the power of music to bring people together. A string of hit songs followed, and the audiences grew ever larger.

In recent years, Raichel has fathered two daughters and focused on his personal life. He even shaved off his trademark dreadlocks, an act that thwarted expectations and symbolized his desire for a fresh start. His now bald head embodies the clean slate Raichel has been seeking in this new cycle of his life.

While At the Edge of the Beginning does not mean Raichel has put an end to The Idan Raichel Project, he looks for­ward to opportunities to strip down to the essence of musical expression. “I hope this album will enable me to go on stage, me and a piano, and to tell the audience stories, inspirational thoughts, and just sing songs. I think that this is the ultimate way to be an artist, when you’re forced to depend on yourself and on your soul.”

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